“Our excellent partnership with CEDF has developed over a number of years. CEDF approached Hamstead Hall with a view to offering Panjabi classes to children within the local community on a Saturday morning. Such was the enthusiasm of CEDF that we agreed to offer our support to what was seen at the time as a very valuable community project.

Within six months the classes became so popular that the demand could not be met and a waiting list had to be started. CEDF now run eight classes at Hamstead Hall every Saturday morning.

The professionalism of CEDF is outstanding. All tutors and support staff are CRB checked and lessons are planned to a high quality. The annual celebration events are well supported by the parents and provide an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the children as well as updating the parents on their children’s progress.

As Headteacher I am very proud to be associated with CEDF. They are a great asset to our community learning centre and the local community. They are a great example of what can be achieved through persistence, hard work, determination, commitment, and dedication and by working together in partnership, providing learning opportunities for children in the local community.”
Ken Morris, Executive Principal, Hamstead Hall Academy


"The education committee of Central Singh Sabha Gurdwara would like to thank you for arranging and delivering an in-depth training regarding teaching of Panjabi.  All the teachers and management committee members enjoyed the training, it will help the teachers to prepare their lessons better for delivering Panjabi education to our children.  In addition Health & Safety information by Mr G S Gill was very much appreciated by all the participants.  All the information will be useful in organising class rooms in our new Gurdwara.  We are grateful to both of you for organising this training free of cost and travelling at your own expense all the way from Birmingham to Glasgow."   
S S Chowdhary, President, Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha Glasgow


"Our warmest thanks to you and Jaspreet for the excellent session that you delivered here at Newman recently.  Our main aim was to open up the students eyes to the value and worth of language diversity, and your session helped this immensely.  Feedback from the students revealed their interest in what you are doing with the Panjabi complementary school, and how this enhances mainstream provision.  Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with our students.  It is most appreciated.  I hope this is the first of many occasions when we can share expertise and ideas."  Judith Kneen, Interim Programme Leader, Newman University College


"When NGGT wanted to restart their Gurmukhi classes they enlisted the support of CEDF to assist with the curriculum, recruitment of teachers and the current educational requirements by law for teaching children. We have found their professional approach most rewarding and it enabled us to rapidly introduce an initial trial period for one term. Following on from its success, we have this academic year started the full curriculum with two additional classes to the original two. At the same time we have increased our student numbers as well as teachers. Our student and teacher feedback has been excellent. We are continuing our strong links with CEDF to develop and update the teachers training, student appraisals and curriculum reviews."
Satwant Gill, President, NGGT Nanaksar Gurdwara
 Gursikh Temple


As you know we are based in Walsall and are privileged that we have a reasonable sized Sikh/Punjabi community.  In fact our Gurdwara Sahib recently celebrated 50 years in Walsall.  Our Punjabi Classes have been established for over 30 years, however recently they become very flat with student numbers falling at an alarming rate with very little in the way of strong academic achievements. Our school clearly wasn’t keeping in touch with the pace of change and evolving teaching methods and needs of the next generation of Punjabi children.  This naturally caused us great concern as we were unable to provide a sound education base for the Sikh/Punjabi children of Walsall and the future reputation of the Gurdwara Sahib.

We initially tried various ways to improve the quality of the classes which didn’t achieve the improvement we were looking for.  At this stage we realised that we would need professional assistance from someone who had an excellent proven track record.  We approached Mr Gurjit Gill at CEDF as he came highly recommended knowing that he had implemented a similar new structure in Coventry Gurdwara’s and also across Europe.

Mr Gurjit Gill and Dr Nagra offered their time on a totally voluntarily basis and had various specific meetings with senior committee and education members of the Gurdwara and explained exactly where we were going wrong and what improvements were required.

They presented a framework model under Safety, Quality and Delivery, which includes a code of conduct for everyone.  Items included health and safety, child protection policies, management framework, national curriculum, teacher assessment and recruitment plus learning and development together with a continuous development programme.

This was successfully presented and launched by Gurjit Gill and Dr Nagra in August 2013 to the congregation.

The enrolments for the new Punjabi Classes with a brand new look, took place in September 2013. We were overwhelmed with the response as we went from 35 children to 140 children with many more children still on the waiting list. We are also expecting some good academic results and can already see children progressing through the various ability and grade levels.

Gurjit Gill, Dr Nagra and CEDF have remained thoroughly committed to the Gurdwara since the launch and remain involved with up skilling of the management committee and teachers, ensuring that we all remain focused and continually develop our Punjabi school.

To summarise we could not have asked for a better partner who can only be described as being ‘totally committed in every aspect to Punjabi Education’.   We look forward to continually working with your team in the future.

Education Team, Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Walsall.




" I enjoy coming to Panjabi School because we learn Panjabi in a very relaxed atmosphere. The teachers here are very good and easily approachable. In my normal school I am scared of approaching the Head Teacher or other teachers but here at CEDF I can speak to Gurjit without any hesitation. I am happy with what I have learnt at CEDF in the last few years and intend to sit in my GCSE examination this year. I have attended other Panjabi Schools before but I have not learnt much there. Every Saturday I look forward to coming to Panjabi Class."
Pamaljit Kaur Chana
( GCSE Student @ CEDF Panjabi School )


"I like coming to Panjabi School on Saturday because the teaching here is very good. I started Panjabi class at CEDF in 2004 and my first teacher Parneet Gill was very good and she has helped me to boost my confidence in speaking Panjabi in her class. I like the way I can speak to the teacher and all of my teachers at different levels has made Panjabi learning fun. The best thing at CEDF Panjabi school is that I can speak to Rajvir Gill and Gurjit Gill without any hesitation. I always look forward to attending Panjabi class and my attendance in all the years has been good. I am planning to sit my GCSE exam next year."
Kavita Kaur Sandhu
(Pre GCSE Student @ CEDF Panjabi School)


"Panjabi school is good. We learn Panjabi by playing games. I have learnt colours, weather, body parts and relationships. My teacher Mrs Soomal is good and she makes it fun. I like coming to Panjabi class because I have made new friends. It is very good."
Amrit Bhamra
( Entry Level Student @ CEDF Panjabi School )