“CEDF is doing everything possible to maximise my child’s learning. I recognise that we could be doing more to promote and speak Panjabi at home. I would like my child to speak more Panjabi. She is very shy and lacks confidence. She doesn’t use opportunities to speak Panjabi even when we try at home.”

“Bhaldeep has flourished with his current teacher – he got on really well with her. Thank you so much for supporting him this well!”


“Very good, Niran was very comfortable with what was expected of him. Interacted with the teacher very well.”


“Excellent Samandeep is very good and very approachable; she is easy to communicate with so if I have any concerns / issues I know she will address them.”


“Navneet has been clear in what she expects from Amar.”


“The teachers are approachable, honest, make our children want to come to school.”


“Samandeep is very polite, has good teaching skills and delivery is very good. She has taught Sharan a lot over the years.”


“Niran was happy to attend, felt the early start leading up to exam a bit difficult.”


“Bhaldeep preferred attending this Panjabi class and has made good progress.”


“Student enjoys attending the class and participating in class discussions with other students and teacher.”


“Good, we get sufficient notice of important dates. Arrangements for the exam were very well organised.”


“Good – text messages – letters, should try to update website.”


“All communication and support were fabulous – we all felt up to date with everything and any concerns were promptly raised. Thank you.”


“Both my daughters enjoy being taught by Samandeep although she is fun, she is very good at encouraging and pushing them in the right direction.”


“Likes the activities. Don’t dislike anything except having to get up each Saturday morning.”


“Like learning new vocabulary, would like to get a qualification. Punjabi would help me talk with my grandparents.”


“Kierat likes teachers but doesn’t enjoy Punjabi so much.”


“We will endeavour to support Bhaldeep with his Speaking and Listening and Ginti amongst other things at home. I am absolutely delighted with the positive, nurturing environment he has been in. Many thanks.”


“We give all the necessary support to our son as recommended by the teacher.” 


“Overall I am happy with Diernn’s progress. He has a better grasp of Panjabi and understands the language better. Thank you to the CEDF for their help & expertise.”
“I feel that the Panjabi Alphabet is being taught repeatedly. I would like to see Ajay learning to write sentences more often and reading storybooks.”
“Priya has only been in the class for a few weeks but is really enjoying the classes and making new friends and learning about Panjabi culture and about who she is her background as a Panjabi Indian.”